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CPL » Human Factors » Social Psychology and Flight Deck Management

34.50 Social Psychology and Flight Deck Management

34.50.2 Identify the broad characteristics of personality and distinguish individual differences.


34.50.4 Define cognitive dissonance.


34.50.6 Explain the concept of crew resource management (CRM).


34.50.8 Describe methods of maximising crew resource management.


34.50.10 Define teamwork and team membership.


34.50.12 Identify the factors that affect team performance.


34.50.14 Describe how effective teams or team working can reduce errors.


34.50.16 Describe group decision making.


34.50.18 Explain the advantages and disadvantages of group decision making.


34.50.20 Explain the concepts of:

(a) risk shift

(b) conformity

(c) compliance.


34.50.22 Describe the following personality traits and explain their effect on group decision making:

(a) introversion

(b) extraversion

(c) anxiety.


34.50.24 Explain and differentiate between goal/task directed and relationship directed styles of behaviour.


34.50.26 Describe autocratic and democratic leadership styles.


34.50.28 Describe ideal leadership characteristics.


34.50.30 Explain problems that can arise from:

(a) status/seniority differences

(b) lack of assertiveness

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