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4.16 Medical Requirements

4.16.2 State the requirements for holding a medical certificate. CAR 61

61.35 Medical requirement

(a) A person who holds a pilot licence, other than a recreational pilot licence, must not exercise the privileges of the licence unless—

(1) the person—

(i) in the case of a private pilot licence, holds at least a current class 2 medical certificate issued under the Act; and

(ii) in the case of a commercial pilot licence and an airline transport pilot licence, holds a current class 1 medical certificate issued under the Act; and

(iii) is complying with all the conditions, restrictions and endorsements on the medical certificate; 

4.16.4 State the requirements on a person applying for a medical certificate. CAR 67

67.55 Applications for medical certificates

An applicant for a medical certificate must−

(1) complete the appropriate form specified by the Director and submit it to the Director with payment of the appropriate application fee prescribed by regulations made under the Act; and

(2) produce one of the following documents as evidence of his or her identity:

(i) a current New Zealand passport;

(ii) a current New Zealand Driver Licence;

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