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VFR Flight Plans (SARWATCH)

  • The pilot of an aircraft must submit a VFR flight plan prior to the start of any flight conducted under VFR if: 

(a) it is planned for the aircraft to proceed more than 50 NM from shore; or 

(b) an alerting service is required. 

In addition, a VFR flight plan may be submitted for any other flight conducted under VFR.

  • The pilot of an aircraft for which a VFR flight plan has been submitted must: 

(a) inform an appropriate ATS unit of any change to the details in the flight plan and of any change to the flight plan SARTIME before the expiry of that SARTIME; and 

(b) terminate the flight plan by advising an appropriate ATS unit before the flight plan SARTIME.

  • Only one VFR flight plan can be submitted or be active at any one time for a particular aircraft. 
  • A new flight plan cannot be submitted until the previous flight plan has been cancelled or terminated. 
  • When filing a VFR flight plan with the National Briefing Office, if the particular aircraft does not already have a pre-allocated SSR code, an SSR code will be allocated to that aircraft for this particular flight. 
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