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4.56 Flight Plans

4.56.2 State the requirements for the filing of a flight plan for flight under VFR. CAR 91

91.307 VFR flight plan

(a) A pilot-in-command of an aircraft must submit a VFR flight plan to an appropriate ATS unit before starting any flight conducted under VFR if—

(1) the pilot-in-command plans to proceed more than 50 nm from shore; or

(2) the pilot-in-command requires an alerting service.

(b) In addition to the requirement in paragraph (a), a pilot-in-command of an aircraft may submit a VFR flight plan to an appropriate ATS unit for any other flight conducted under VFR.

(c) A VFR flight plan referred to in paragraphs (a) or (b) must include the following information:

(1) the aircraft registration and callsign:

(2) the type of aircraft to be used:

(3) the route including, if practicable for each route segment, aerodromes of departure and intended landing, estimated elapsed times, and time on the ground at each intermediate aerodrome:

(4) the SARTIME:

(5) fuel endurance:

(6) the total number of persons in the aircraft:

(7) the name and telephone contact details of the pilot-in-command:

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