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CPL » Human Factors » Flight Deck Design

34.56 Flight Deck Design

34.56.2 Describe the basic principles of control, display and workspace design.


34.56.4 Explain the importance of the following in flight deck design:

(a) reach

(b) comfort

(c) posture

(d) lighting levels.


34.56.6 Define biomechanics


34.56.8 Define anthropometry.


34.56.10 Distinguish between biometrics, biomechanics and anthropometry.


34.56.12 Describe applications of biomechanics in the design of flight decks.


34.56.14 Explain the relevance of anthropometry in the design of flight decks.


34.56.16 Describe the effects of a poorly designed cockpit on pilot performance.


34.56.18 Explain the importance of eye datum or eye design position.

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