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ATPL » Air Law – Aeroplane » Global Navigation Satellite System

36.68 Global Navigation Satellite System

36.68.2 State the equipment required by aircraft within the New Zealand flight information region, using GPS as a primary means navigation system. CAR 19



36.68.4 State the meaning of a GPS “sole means navigation system”. CAR 19

19.203 Glossary 

The following is an explanation of terms relevant to this Subpart:

Sole-means navigation system:

a navigation system approved for a given operation or phase of flight that must allow the aircraft to meet, for that operation or phase of flight, all four navigation system performance requirements: accuracy, integrity, availability, and continuity of service:


36.68.6 State the restriction on using GPS as a sole means navigation system under IFR in the New Zealand FIR. CAR 19

19.209 Sole means GPS operations 

(a) A person shall not operate an aircraft under IFR using a sole means navigation system, which uses only GPS sensors, within the New Zealand Flight Information Region.

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