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52.12 Eligibility, Privileges and Limitations

52.12.2 Describe the allowance for a person who does not hold a current pilot’s licence to fly dual with an instructor. CAR 61

(A) A person who does not hold a current pilot licence issued or validated in accordance with this Part must not manipulate the controls of an aircraft unless the person is—

(1) receiving dual flight instruction from an appropriately qualified flight instructor who occupies a pilot seat; or

(2) acting as a pilot in command in accordance with rule 61.105.


(B) A person receiving dual flight instruction under paragraph (A)(1) may log those hours as dual flight time.


52.12.4 State the eligibility requirements for the issue of an instrument rating. CAR 61

(A) Except as provided in paragraphs (B) and (C), to be eligible for an instrument rating (Aeroplane) or (Helicopter), a person must—

(1) hold a pilot licence, which includes the night flying privileges for the pilot licence, for the appropriate category of aircraft; and

(2) have flight time experience acceptable to the Director; and

(3) have satisfactorily completed a ground training course, in the following subject areas:

(i) air law:

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