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Straight & Level

INSTRUCTOR (student to follow through)

Select Ref Pt, Select Ref Alt


Here we are established in straight & level in the cruise configuration.

Note where the nose is in relation to the horizon, with this attitude we will maintain our altitude.

Our wings are level we are maintaining constant direction.

The ball is centralised, we are in balance.

We have 2300 rpm set.

The aircraft is trimmed for ‘Hands Free’

We are maintaining 95(eg) knots.


Scan Technique – helps us to maintain straight & level

L          Lookout, ref pt, traffic

A         Attitude, horizon 1/3 of windscreen

I           Instruments, 10% of the time, and only one at a time


Let Student Fly and help them by talking through LAI

Now we will look at how we maintain this, the first thing we are going to look at is maintaining our altitude. 

If students deviate from S+L talk them through how to fix it by the techniques below.

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