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52.56 Flight Plans

52.56.2 State the requirements for the filing of a flight plan for flight under IFR. CAR 91

91.407 IFR flight plan

(A) A pilot-in-command of an aircraft must—

(1) submit a flight plan to an appropriate ATS unit prior to any flight under IFR; and

(3) unless otherwise authorised by ATS, include the following information in the flight plan—

  • the identification of the aircraft to be used; and
  • the type of aircraft to be used, and its wake turbulence category; and
  • the radio communications equipment, and the navigation and approach aid equipment in the aircraft to be used; and
  • the departure aerodrome and time of departure; and
  • the cruising speed, altitude, and route; and
  • the aerodrome of destination, total EET, and any alternate aerodrome required by 91.405; and
  • any additional information required for ATS purposes; and
  • the fuel endurance; and
  • total number of persons carried in the aircraft; and
  • emergency and survival equipment carried in the aircraft; and

(4) advise the appropriate ATS unit, as soon as possible, of any delay exceeding 30 minutes in beginning the flight or departing from any aerodrome of intended landing; and


52.56.4 State the notification lead time for filing an IFR flight plan. CAR 91 & AIP ENR

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