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Climbing & Descending

Do a Max performance T/O with out flap to show Vx and Vy



Best angle – 54kts    

Note nose attitude & ROC . 

This is the most height gained in a given distance, we could use this to climb over an obstacle after take off that may be in our flight path.


Best rate – 67kts       

Note nose attitude & ROC. 

This is the most height gained in a given time, we could use this if we want to climb to an altitude in the fastest amount of time.



A/c nose on horizon (make sure students eyes are at top of door)

Note nose attitude & ROC

We could use this if we want to climb with better forward visibility, a faster groundspeed and better engine cooling.


Effect of flap on climb performance. 

Note lower nose attitude & decreased ROC


DEMO Airspeed chasing

get student to try to maintain a speed by looking at the airspeed indicator


INSTRUCTOR (student to follow through)

Ref pt (DI), Ref alt (cloud, airspace), Lookout


Entry - PAT


P is for Power             

mixture rich, full power, keep straight with rudder on ref point

A is for Attitude         

with elevator, set and hold climb attitude

with aileron maintain wings level

T is for Trim                  

relieve control column pressure

Here we are established in a climb. Note where the nose is in relation to the horizon, with this attitude we’ll maintain a constant airspeed.

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