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1. You are attempting a take-off from a short strip in your gyro. Early in the take-off run you experience a sharp jolting or pounding in the rotor head and joystick. What is happening? 
A-You have taken off downwind
B-The blades are flapping so that the hub bar is hitting the teeter stop in the rotor head
C-The blades are running out of track
D-The Gyro has run through cattle tracks that you did not see in the long grass

2. What is the correct procedure to remedy rotor blade flap?
A-Control column forward, close the throttle
B-Reduce both airspeed and pitch of the blades
C-Increase angle of attack and rotor RPM
D-Move the joystick back and to the right to take care of a higher than normal coning angle

3. An out of track rotor blade condition is mostly noticed by...
A-A one per rev bounce when in flight
B-The rotor blades over-speed as the Gyro leaves the ground
C-The Gyro is very difficult to steer in a straight line down the airstrip
D-The Gyro takes much longer to get off the ground

4. If you have just climbed steeply at full power and wish to level off, what is the correct procedure? 
A-Push the cyclic forward quickly
B-Gently ease the control column forward and slightly reduce power
C-Allow the rotor RPM to reduce therefore reducing drag
D-Quickly increase rotor RPM by decreasing pitch

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