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52.64 Terrain Clearance

52.64.2 Describe the determination of the minimum safe altitude for IFR flight. AIP GEN

AIP GEN 3.3-13

5.3.3 Where a route sector obstacle clearance area contains a mountainous zone, the route minimum safe altitude will provide not less than 2000 ft obstacle clearance in the mountainous zone, or not less than 1000 ft in non-mountainous terrain areas, whichever is the higher. Where STARs, instrument approach, missed approach, departure procedures and SIDs are depicted over mountainous zones, the minimum obstacle clearance provided in the design will be increased by up to 100%.


52.64.4 Explain the coverage and use of VORSEC charts. AIP GEN

AIP GEN 3.3-14

5.5 VOR/DME MRA Sector (VORSEC) Charts 

5.5.1 VORSEC MRA charts, which are included in AD 2, show the higher of the minimum safe altitude or the minimum reception altitude of the nominated navigation aids within sectors that are defined by VOR radials and DME distance arcs. Their purpose is to provide obstacle clearance and good reception information, within a defined area adjacent to an aerodrome, on an area basis additional to that already promulgated for specific routes or by arrival and departure procedures.

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