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PPL » Aircraft Tech Knowledge (A) » Stalling and Spinning

12.68 Stalling and Spinning

12.68.2 Describe the stalling angle of attack, with reference to:

(a) disruption of streamline flow over the upper surface of the aerofoil;

(b) reduction of lift and increase of drag.


12.68.4 Describe the symptoms of a developing stall.


12.68.6 Explain how:

(a) the stall is associated with a particular angle of attack and not a particular airspeed;

(b) a reduction in angle of attack is critical to recovery.


12.68.8 Explain how the stalling IAS is affected by:

(a) load factor;

(b) aircraft weight;

(c) altitude;

(d) power;

(e) flap extension;

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