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Effects of Controls


To demonstrate the effect movement of the controls have on the gyro in flight and on the ground.


  • Dual Controls

    • Two sets of controls that operate together

    • Stick, Pedals, Throttle & Brakes 

  • Lift

    • Airflow over an aerofoil creates a low pressure

  • Aerofoil

    • A shape to create lift
    • Moving the Rotor Disc or Rudder, changes its shape and/or the Angle of Attack 


  • 3 Axes



  • Slipstream

    • Spiral column of air forced back by the propeller 
    • Anti-clockwise rotating propeller - creates a force on left side of rudder
    • Clockwise rotating propeller - creates a force on right side of rudder 
  • Inertia

    • Tendency of a body to remain in its current state
    • On the ground - more power required to get it moving than to keep it moving
    • In flight - will take time to slow down
  • Throttle

    • Controls engine power and thrust
    • Push forward to increase power 
    • Pull back to decrease power 
  • Trim

    • On the stick
    • To hold the desired attitude
    • Holding stick back - trim back 
    • Holding stick forward - trim forward 

Aircraft Management:

  • Throttle

    • Smooth operation
  • T's & P's

    • Green & normal


  • Handover of controls

    • "I have control, you have control"
    • "follow me through" 
  • Clock code

  • Lookout

    • Traffic
  • VFR

    • Clear of cloud
    • In sight of the surface
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