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Familiarisation with the Aircraft


To become familiar with the component parts, controls, and systems of the aircraft.


Explanation of the Aircraft;

An autogyro ("self-turning"), also known as a gyroplane or gyrocopter, is a type of rotorcraft that uses an unpowered rotor in free autorotation to develop lift.

Forward thrust is provided independently, by an engine-driven propeller.


Component Parts of the Aircraft

  • Fuselage
    • Seats
    • Instrument panel
    • Cockpit controls
  • Rotorhead, Rotorblades and Mast
  • Tail section
    • Keel
    • Vertical stabiliser with rudder attached
    • Horizontal stabiliser
  • Undercarriage 
  • Engine and Propeller


Main Flight Controls

  • Rotorhead
    • operated by the control stick
  • Rudder
    • operated by the rudder pedals


Engine Controls

  • Throttle
    • controls the engine rpm


Explanation of the Cockpit Layout and Systems;   

  • Airspeed Indicator (ASI)
  • Altimeter
  • Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)
  • Compass
  • Engine RPM gauge
  • Rotor RPM gauge
  • Oil Pressure gauge
  • Oil Temperature gauge
  • Cyclinder Head Temperature (CHT) gauge
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) gauge
  • Manifold Pressure gauge
  • Fuel Pressure gauge
  • Fuel Contents gauge
  • Pneumatic Pressure gauge
  • Master Switch
  • Fuel Pump Switch
  • Ignition Switch
  • Caution and Warning Lights
  • Flight/Brake Switch
  • Radio
  • Transponder


Operation of Flying Controls


Operation of Engine Controls


Flight Instruments/Engine Instruments


Electrical System


Fuel System


Operation of Safety Equipment


Checklists and Drills;           


Use of Checklists and Drills Suitable for Aircraft Type


Instinctive Knowledge of Position of Controls


Emergency Drills;             


Action in the Event of Fire; in the Air/on the Ground


Failure of Equipment of Systems


Escape Drills